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Technical process applications cardboard

Cardboard nest technical process application environment is the condition of human existence, human survival is dependent on resources. At present, the world packaging industry are struggling to find a solution to the problem packaging recycling and resource pollution of the environment. Honeycomb, also known as honeycomb sandwich board, is a light weight, less material, low cost, high strength, good cushioning properties, acoustic insulation, easily recycled green materials; recent years, due to the packaging field strongly advocated " paper and plastic, paper and wood ", making this green materials gradually become a new type of green packaging materials used in the packaging sector is gradually able to pay attention and development. Honeycomb's performance
1, Honeycomb Honeycomb structure is the use of biomimetic mechanical structure, honeycomb sandwich material based on the force structure of the hexagonal lattice made of principle. It is the upper and lower layers and the intermediate honeycomb panel core paper, with a bonding adhesive, shape, formed after drying.
2, honeycomb paperboard production processes currently applied in our country there are a variety of honeycomb paperboard production line. From the feed (raw material) to the finished product (Honeycomb), done automatically by multiple processes.
Honeycomb production line main equipment involved are: feeding system for glue systems, drying systems, cutting machines, pellet press machine, conveyor belt, stretching machine, plastic coated core system, the core - face complex systems, surface pressure heating system board machine, cardboard cutting machine, its production process Pictured:
Simultaneously on multiple rolls "vertical composite coating and drying and pre-indentation" cut "automatically collected" compaction "paper core pull" paper core glue "to put tissue paper" composite "preload roll" dry " flatten "cut off" Quick separate "collection
3 Performance, Honeycomb's
(1) material consumption, specific strength and specific stiffness and light weight. Bees with a minimum of material consumption, build into the largest volume and most robust hive. Through scientific argumentation, honeycomb geometry, form an overall structure like a bridge, so that the surface of the compressive strength increased by 100 times. Using a cellular honeycomb structure, which is also the material consumption to a minimum, and maximum volume for maximum strength and stiffness. In the case of the same media consumption, higher than the corrugated board chitin P Juchun hilly so the dog paddle submerged Yan Zhuo Lu Qi Kang Rui Du mantle flesh still close EPS (expandable polystyrene foam), only water a few tenth.
(2) Isolation excellent cushioning function. The honeycomb-like core structure, with excellent vibration isolation function of the buffer, near the EPS.
(3) good heat insulation, sound insulation properties. Honeycomb honeycomb core is enclosed structure, which is filled with air and do not circulate. So it has good heat and sound insulation properties.
(4) strength, rigidity easy to adjust. Changing the thickness of the core paper, the weight change of the honeycomb core or the aperture, the stem height of the honeycomb to obtain different strength and stiffness.
(5) can be obtained by a special process unique features.
Honeycomb is a full-paper materials, easy to carry out a special process to obtain waterproof, fire retardant, mildew, and other special curing enhanced performance.

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