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Pulp molding Introduction

    1 , molded pulp products with plant fiber pulp can be completely recycled and used as a base material or waste paper , using a unique technology made ​​widely used in food (drug ) products in full bloom , electrical packaging , planting nursery , medical utensils , handicrafts bottom cushion packaging blanks and fragile areas such as clean -tech green products.

    2 , with the development of industry, a large number of fluorine-containing substances promoted to the atmosphere, the ozone layer destruction of human survival in a large area in the Antarctic and Arctic has formed thousands of kilometers of the ozone hole , caused by the Earth's ecological environment great harm , for which the EPA convened a worldwide UN environmental Conference in 1998 adopted the " Vienna Convention on the protection of the Ozone Layer " and " on Substances that Deplete the " Montreal Protocol " , clearly defines the countries in the world to disable the gradual destruction of the ozone layer until less fluorinated substances into the atmosphere.

    3 , in recent years , many drawbacks day one of the three major packaging materials of plastic products in particular, expanded polystyrene (EPS) class products significantly serious , everyone has become evil "white pollution ." These polystyrene foam packaging waste pollution to the environment seriously . Burning destroyed the Earth's ozone layer ; heap buried corrosion damage because they can not produce the geological structure. These foam products waste to the Earth's environment caused a lot of damage. Use of environmentally friendly biodegradable packaging materials , eliminating the " white pollution" , to improve people's living environment, has become the requirements of international and domestic express provision .

    4 to pulp molding technology to produce tableware products and industrial packaging products are truly environmentally friendly products, it is a natural plant fiber or waste paper raw materials, production processes and use without any pollution . Molded pulp products in addition to an active role in lieu of disposable plastic cutlery , but also widely used in industrial products into their electronic products packaging, molded pulp products are gradually entering the mainstream of business activity , which is currently the foam products alternative products , pulp molding products industry is booming .

     5 , molded pulp products have a good reason for the rapid development and prospects , because it has a unique performance advantages:
    ( 1 ) simple and practical technology , production process, the basic non-polluting, clean production requirements. In addition the production line process automation systems , in addition to high quality management personnel requirements , the rest are skilled , through short-term training will be able to master the use of the device coupled with its high degree of localization , very conducive to the popularity of the project promotion, which played for the rapid environmental advantages of molded pulp products is also a convenient condition .
    ( 2 ) a wide source of raw materials , cost . It is primarily an annual herb with a paper or fiber pulp , raw materials can be adapted to local conditions , local materials , inexhaustible .
    ( 3 ) product strength, good plasticity and cushioning properties.
    Light ( 4 ) quality, low cost recovery , can be used repeatedly .
    ( 5 ) good protection, interchangeability and spring loaded performance.
    ( 6 ) , from production to use to disposal of waste , environmental pollution , less water consumption in the production process , no waste water discharge , reduce environmental pollution.
    ( 7 ) permeability, packaging for fresh products have unique benefits.
    ( 8 ) molded pulp products have good water absorption, hydrophobicity and insulation . If the production process by adding special additives, but also has a waterproof, anti-oil , high temperature and other special properties .
    ( 9 ) modern production technology to achieve high-speed , automated mass production.
    6 , due to the molded pulp products have adequate sources of raw materials , production and use of pollution-free process , a wide range of application, low cost, light weight, high strength, plasticity, buffer, interchangeable , spring loaded better performance , and can be used repeatedly and recycling reproduction characteristics, and thus has a strong vitality and broad prospects , its economic value and updating status has been confirmed by the international community .
    7 , according to the application, molded pulp disposable tableware and major environmental packaging products into two categories, have been widely applied