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Application of the kraft paper

Kraft paper is used in chemical, mechanical and other industries, especially widely used in the food packaging industry.
Kraft Uses: Widely used in various kraft paper packaging products, paper bags, kraft paper bag, box, gift box kraft paper, kraft paper printing
Printing kraft paper, kraft paper notebooks, exercise books kraft paper, kraft paper envelopes dedicated
Food packaging to be convenient to follow the principle of portability, kraft paper tensile strengths make it well suited for packaging needs. In order to prevent consumers from mentioning pulled off the bag when packed food, packaging materials require good tensile strength. Requires the production of beverage packaging materials have some resistance to wet deformation capacity to prevent damage absorbing deformation.
For frozen food packaging, the use of high strength materials is also considered as a key package, this material must be able to withstand low thermal expansion and contraction during freezing and melting temperature to prevent deformation, distortion, fight wrinkles and excessive moisture can not loaded situation of food. From these aspects, colors and even more suitable than SBS kraft paper.

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