Talent Concept
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  Talent is the most important resource of high-quality talent is to create value and sustainable development, focused source of strength
  Company to "honesty, sincerity, honesty, sincerity" for business purposes; to "adequate supply, reasonable prices, quality service" business strategy; to "intensive, happy every day" management philosophy; to "five" approach to work; to "be honest with the Quartet, of Chang win" for the direction of development. Skills and performance as the main indicator of the salary structure and improve the welfare policy ---- do pay and conditions; create a good corporate culture, and constantly enhance cohesion ---- keep feelings.
  Company to "attract the best talent, training of key personnel, retaining key talent" for the human resources strategy. People-oriented, to attract, develop, retaining a multi-pronged concern employees, optimize organization, shaping culture go hand in hand, before the election to Germany first, tolerant personality, and strive to create a high quality, efficient team.
  The company established a scientific human resources management system, and gradually improve the talent to realize their full potential operational mechanism in achieving maximum performance of the company, while for everyone to play to their ability to space, to achieve self-worth.