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Cheng Chang Paper Co., Ltd. is a professional paper cutter for processing trade and also engaged in private enterprise, the company is currently under the jurisdiction of Dongguan and Guangzhou, where: Dongguan hundred towns in the country, the central city of Guangzhou-Shenzhen Economic Corridor - Chang town, Beijing high-speed, S358 provincial Highway, which runs through Wando long way from the bus station less than 200 meters Chang'an; Guangzhou is located in state-level new district - territory Guang'ao speed, Nansha Port Expressway Nansha District, Guangzhou City, the Fan Highway (Guangzhou-Zhuhai Eastern) with the company rub doors. Transportation is very convenient.

Founded in 1996, after 17 years of development, has grown into a storage area of ​​30,000 square meters, storage capacity 30,000 tons, annual sales of nearly 200,000 tons of large private paper trading business. At present, domestic distribution and foreign various high, medium and low-grade paper, including printing, packaging, cultural, industrial paper, specialty paper, such as hundreds of varieties. Company in 2009 through the FSC-COC international forest management system certification.

CHENGCHANG always adhere to the "sincere question Quartet, coChang win" concept of development, and gradually won the domestic and foreign paper industry generally agree with the trust has become Shandong Bohui Paper Group, Shandong Sun Paper Group, rivers Paper , big East paper, APP Sinar Mas Group, nine Dragons Paper (Holdings), the Asia-Pacific paper Group and other domestic large and medium-sized enterprises in the major paper distributor. And became the Big East Shuangjiao distributor in South China, China Sun 7 # Shuangjiao distributor in South China, Bo White Gull White Card, Bo Wang Shuang copper, rivers Paper abundance win Shuangjiao Guangdong Province and our distributors.

CHENGCHANG always "sufficient supply and reasonable prices, quality service" business strategy, and customer "win-win coChang", and gradually won the Astros, China Business, Artron printing, such as the Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou Daily Media large printing companies support and trust, and become a stable supplier. Sales network throughout the Pearl River Delta, the radiation eastern, western, northern Guangdong and other regions.

CHENGCHANG always adhere to "honesty, sincerity, honesty, sincerity," the business, gained widespread support and concern of the community, the former secretary of the CPC Committee of Changan Town, Dongguan, Dongguan Yuan De Vice Chairman and former Changan Town People's Government Mayor Liang Rong industry, Puyang City, Henan Province Deputy Mayor Wang Haiying, Nansha District, Guangzhou City, the CPC Committee Secretary Zhang Hengli Town, fewer trees, Bo Group Chairman Yang Yanliang other leaders have visited the company, Guangzhou Panyu Branch of Ping An Bank has granted CHENGCHANG "quality customers "" excellent customer "and other honors.

CHENGCHANG always adhere to the "intensive, happy every day" management philosophy, adhere to the "five (posts, will be people, given task, given responsibilities, defined benefit)" approach, successive years as "employee satisfaction"!

Meanwhile CHENGCHANG evolving, do not forget return to the community, the chairman Lu Ming recorded in 2010, 2011 has led reconstruction Yiyang donated the Hope Primary School - An elementary hole of wood, beiliu Hope Primary School - Tung Primary School help solve the problem of poor school children in the region; 2012, positive response to the call to invest in poverty alleviation projects, driven by local residents early poverty.

New Era, welcome the challenge! Cheng Chang will seize the opportunity of a new round of reform Taimukaiqi confidently build Cheng Chang upgrade version! Sincerely look forward to all new and old patrons, is willing to work with you to create a better blue paper industry of the circle, "China Dream."