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        Hello everyone! Welcome to CHENGCHANG Paper Co. site, thank you for your continued interest and support for CHENGCHANG Paper
        Cheng Chang Paper, from 1996 up to the present 14 years in 2010, Cheng Chang Paper based on the economy is relatively developed Pearl River Delta, Dongguan Changan Town, "integrity" business philosophy, in the end user and wholesale customers has established a good credit reputation. New era CHENGCHANG paper, follow the trend of social development, a deep understanding of the actual needs of the printing industry, is committed to providing quality products and value-added services, and strive to develop into customer demand for products, services, major suppliers.
        Recalling the past, look to the future, thanks to my friends on our expectations and encouragement, we will continue to "good faith" business philosophy, improve our services, improve our management experience to our team, to best meet customers in the new Times business development needs, and jointly promote the development of social economy.
        Currently, our customers have evolved from the PRD to the provinces Local market, our business has evolved from the traditional business to both e-commerce. We constantly strive to innovate, we constantly progress.
        To be honest, sincere, honest, sincere as the cornerstone of trust in people. Healthy on the road to sustainable development, we are confident. Cheng Chang Paper will be quality products and perfect service, and you work together to create a better tomorrow!