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Interpretation signs Cheng Chang

Interpretation signs: signs of positive and negative two "C" word composition, "C" word at the beginning of the English alphabet corporate name. Combination of "C" word made ​​of heart-shaped, that contains the name of the enterprise, but also point to understand the purpose of the enterprise: customer service sincere heart "integrity of the prosperity of the" mark the lower pattern composed of overlapping, so that the overall structure LOGO very much like stacking of finished paper that expresses the characteristics of the industry. But also gives an honest, heavy, step by step, onward and upward intended. In green business green, evergreen, meaning sustainable development.

I dance with CHENGCHANG

Cheng Chang, has gone through decades of trials, but I was more than a year to the company, feeling a little sorry at the same time, more of a regret behind glad, because I was a member of Cheng Chang.
"Li paper oriented, honest Zhenchang" (Cheng Chang Guangzhou), which is the first to enter my field of vision CHENGCHANG culture, general manager of this interpretation: the paper is fundamental, "honesty, sincerity, honesty, sincerity" as aim to achieve prosperity for the company's development goals. In the ordinary man, this is just a slogan, fairness, I just see and hear this interpretation also had such thoughts. But when I entered the work which, this idea has completely disappeared, because the company's business strategy, management philosophy so I have a deep experience.
With suppliers, regardless of market depression, or other reasons, Cheng Chang will consistently abide by integrity, commitment to complete the sales target, ensure timely funding in place. Because of this, the well-known leading paper companies, such as: Shandong Sun, Shandong Chenming, Shandong Bo, etc., and Cheng Chang established a good working relationship, and also get to APP Big East Paper Co. distributor in Guangdong Province right (Big East Shuangjiao).
Remember CHENGCHANG Guangzhou Branch was first established, since most of the staff is new, inexperienced in business dealings with customers, inevitably there were a few mistakes, such as: Quote reported low, but have made a commitment, how to do? Said it was not a profitable business without people, many dealers will encounter a similar situation in a flexible way to rebuff clever, but Cheng Chang will not do as good as gold, but also to ensure timely, quality and service to customers as required. Sometimes customers fill orders, shipping orders is not enough, Cheng Chang did the same, and according to customer requirements in a timely manner. Product specifications counterparts, but sometimes in order to maintain cooperative relations between the two sides to meet customer needs, and a large generation of small, Cheng Chang have done. Not the company's leadership stupid, but because Cheng Chang always follow the "integrity of the prosperity of the" concept.
On internal management, the company emphasizes people-oriented, to treat people . Work on , are able to relatively frank between subordinates, so that we eliminate the kind of " hot " in the workplace due to the pressure of competition and intrigue . What you do not understand the problem , you can communicate with superiors and equality , mutual discussion, you have to worry about a dissenting opinion to the higher authorities and subject to retaliation. In order for employees to fully express their views and put forward their own views, brainstorming for the company's development , the company also set up a " Democracy Council " encounter events are discussed and decided by the meeting , the meeting holds barred , matter without personal prejudices , it is usually red in the face meetings , after laughing for the company to provide a strong scientific basis for decision-making , while also full play to their talents , discover and nurture talent. So you would think , in Cheng Chang , your ability, your expertise, the company will be the idea of ​​trying to dig it out, so you get maximum value reflected , despite everything you do , then maybe your specialty insignificant.
Of course, Cheng Chang in the industry is not too great, but the road through his years of wind and rain, the pace of progress has been more mature and stable. I, too, continued to grow in feelings Cheng Chang, Cheng Chang appreciate the process. Total Lu said, "I do not ask you for life in CHENGCHANG, but I hope you learned something in CHENGCHANG help both of you for a lifetime." Heard the remark, I feel the future development of the company's total Lu confidence and determination. I am proud because I was the one CHENGCHANG.
Cheng Chang's experience in many ways affected me, although I can not list them all, but I believe that these experiences will affect my life. In CHENGCHANG tenth anniversary approaching, I would like all of the leading companies say "thank you! Ye gave me a stage to show themselves, taught me how to behave, how to do things. Such enterprises, such a good team, we have no reason to doubt CHENGCHANG more brilliant tomorrow it?
Try to see the hand, the Sky crack, let us wait and see!

CHENGCHANG culture "happy every day."

More responsibility and less evasion heart
More tolerant and less blame heart heart
More enthusiasm and less cold heart heart
More training and less suspicion heart heart
More and less vanity of honor
Endeavour heart more heart and less remorse
More open-minded and less sensitive heart heart
More praise and less jealous heart

Cheng Chang's on the "sincerity"

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